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This is an effective way to connect with a local NA community. Meetings are where our recovery begins.

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If you cannot find your local NA community or information, please click here to visit your local zonal forum website.

Meetings are where our recovery happens.
This is where addicts come together to help each other stay clean a day at a time.

Areas are made up of multiple NA meetings or groups.
Areas provide local services such as activities and events, public presentations, bringing meetings into jails and institutions where addicts are unable to get to regular meetings.

Regions are made up of multiple Areas.
Regions share resources and information on a broader scale than the local Area handles. Regions typically support Areas rather than act as the front line in service delivery.

If you are looking to speak with a member of NA about local services, start by reaching out to the local NA Area Service Committee through their website or phone line.

If you are unable to get in touch with the local NA Area, or would like to speak with someone about services that span a broader geographic area, then reach out to the local NA Region through their website or phone line.

Once the search populates meeting results, you can double click anywhere to zoom in, or use the zoom controls on the right of the map. You can also select a specific city or venue to filter down to from the dropdown menu above the meeting information.

* The search technology this site used is based on the BMLT, which while implemented in most of the US, still isn’t quite everywhere *
If you see missing or inaccurate information, please contact the local area or region listed on the search!